“because of all your help I have seen the light and my life is back on track.”

"Denton County Friends of the Family has truly been a friend to my family. They provided encouragement, support, therapy, education, and a solid base from which to launch a new and healthier life for myself and my children."

"Working with Friends of the Family, both as a client and as a volunteer, has helped me change from a woman with no self-respect to a proud and strong person who understands her own worth."

"There is no reason for me to believe that I deserve abuse anymore, thanks to the effort you all put into this place I call “Lost & Found"

"Through this program, I recognized that I had the strength to deal with the difficult decisions necessary to improve my life"

"Denton County Friends of the Family gave me the hope to find the first step to survive."

"My assailant had taken control of my life, and it was now time to start the long journey of reclaiming my life one little choice and one little piece at a time"

"You take in strangers and wave good bye to friends."

"I believe this agency and their programs have powerful effects on both the lives of the people they serve as well as the community they so positively influence."

"An angry voice, a broken object or a violent home-life is a reality for many children"

Cultivating a Culture of Consent

As Sexual Assault Awareness Month comes to a close, it’s important to reflect on the ways in which the occurrence of sexual assault is perpetuated by ou...

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Typical warning signs of abuse

1 in 4 women will experience intimate partner violence

591 clients were served through legal services in 2017