Posted on June 5, 2019

It’s officially summer! While most families are out enjoying the summer sun, vacationing at the beach, traveling, or going to summer camp, things can look a little different for our families at shelter.  

While the kids are out of school, they spend a lot of time in the Shelter. If they are not playing outside on the playground, you can find them inside in the playroom or watching television in the living room. The kids are also allowed to use the computers to watch youtube videos or play online games. At the same time, Shelter staff and the mom’s staying there with their children do not want the kids spending all their time stuck on a screen.  For this reason, Shelter provides them with family-friendly movies to watch, board games, reading, and arts and craft supplies for when they are feeling creative. Luckily our Male Mentor also makes a monthly calendar with planned activities for the children to participate in. He tries to make it inclusive for kids of all ages, such as playing volleyball, baking, or making slime. During the summer, Shelter staff also tries to have at least two planned field trips a month, the most recent being to the UNT Planetarium.  

Being in a place that isn’t your home for an extended time period during the summer months can be challenging for the kids at shelter, simply because it is a different environment. Our dedicated staff does their utmost to provide an active, well-rounded summer, full of positive activities in a safe environment. Our Shelter, which is at an undisclosed location for the safety of our clients and their children, is dedicated to making a temporary stay feel like a home away from home for our clients.  And that is the key to healing for families in crisis. Keeping active can be an emotional support for the children as well, as they know they have a safe place to be, where they can have fun, and be at ease.  

If you would like to donate summer activities, games, or books for the kiddos at shelter, you can visit our Amazon Smile wishlist via the link below.  If you would like to bring in items to donate, you can bring them to our Outreach Office located at: 4845 S. I-35 East | Corinth, TX 76210

If you have any questions, you can e-mail our donation coordinator.

Amazon Smile

Activity List

Crisis Line: Available 24/7 @ 940-382-7273 | 800-572-4031

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