Posted on March 14, 2018

Our experts do a lot to provide the safety and support that our clients seeking shelter need. From a roof over their heads, to food on the table, to a shoulder to lean on, clients who stay in our shelter know that they are cared for and supported through thick and thin. But the truth is- we wouldn't be able to do any of that without the support and strength of our community behind us.

"Community partnerships help us provide holistic services to our clients that address each individual and family’s unique needs," says Taylor Cameron, Director of Residential and Crisis Services. "Currently at shelter we are so grateful to have a variety of other agencies provide their services on site, so that it is more accessible for our residents."

For example, Goodwill Job Resource Center sends their staff to our shelter to assist clients with resume building, job searches, applications, interview skills, transportation, and job skills. This assistance empowers our clients in long lasting and meaningful ways by building their confidence and assisting with self-sufficiency. Another impactful partnership is with our local Texas Health and Human Service Commission office, who provides staff to assist residents with Medicaid, SNAP, and TANF. They help clients with applications, renewals, and problem solving regarding their accounts. This services provides our clients with resources to help meet their immediate needs. In addition, Denton County Transportation Authority staff provides residents with training regarding how to access the local bus and train system. Understanding the local transportation system provides our residents with empowerment and independence.

These partnerships help us meet our goal to support our clients on their journey towards healing. From donating items, to volunteering their time, our community partners enable us to turn every shelter client into a success story. THANK YOU!

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