2018 Board Member, Past Board Chair Russ Ray

Professionally, Russ Ray of Highland Village, serves the community as a Financial Advisor and Vice President at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. He helps people to lay financial plans for their future goals, monitor their investments along the way, and manage any risk control strategies that are in place to defend their plans against interruption by disease, disability, and premature death.

Whether friends, family, clients or neighbors, he has seen that domestic violence occurs repeatedly and is almost completely obscured from public view and observation. Victims are often trapped within their situation by parenting responsibilities, feelings of guilt, and concrete financial limitations. They do not see a means of escape. DCFOF provides a path by which victims may reclaim their lives.


Play Therapy

Play Therapy Written By: Michelle Fox, M. Ed., LPC-S RPT-S Here at Denton County Friends of the Family our therapists are both excited and honored t...

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1 in 4 women will experience intimate partner violence

591 clients were served through legal services in 2017