This training will highlight the complicated dynamics of domestic and sexual violence, their function, and different types of violence. Participants will

  • Understand that domestic violence (DV) is a taught behavior
  • Be able to recognize that DV is predictable and preventable
  • Be able to define it, see red flags and warning signs, and recognize myths surrounding domestic and sexual violence.

The more our community knows about domestic and sexual violence, the healthier and more safe families can be.


A training that will provide employees with information about what sexual harassment is, applicable laws that define it, compliance requirements, and what types of behaviors are appropriate or inappropriate at work. This training is provided with the goal of helping prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

CULTURAL HUMILITY*                            

Understanding the usefulness of cross-cultural connections for your business and staff, Denton County Friends of the Family delivers this training to help employees work effectively with peers from different cultures, focus on skills and knowledge that value diversity, understand potential barriers, and create a culture of inclusion in the workplace.

*Previously referred to as "Cultural Competency" training, per industry standards. This term has been replaced to reflect the importance of humility in "competently" navigating cross-cultural communication in the work place. 


A quick training to share with corporate and civic organizations about the services Denton County Friends of the Family offers and how to connect employees to us should they be in need. This training covers:

  • How to respond to violence in your community
  • How to be a responsible advocate
  • An overview of the direct services DCFOF provides such as legal advocacy, shelter, and safety planning.

To schedule a training, email our Director of Training and Outreach, Hillarye Hightower at or call to speak to someone on our Community Engagement Team at 940-387-5131.

<c>Typical warning signs of abuse</c> - Preview

Typical warning signs of abuse

1 in 4 women will experience intimate partner violence - Preview

1 in 4 women will experience intimate partner violence

4,405 adults and children received 94,065 services in 2019 - Preview

4,405 adults and children received 94,065 services in 2019