Posted on October 16, 2018

This year we all celebrated North Texas Giving Day's 10th year! How cool is that? Together as a community, you have helped raise over $240 million for non-profits across North Texas. Just this year alone North Texas Giving Day raised over $48 million for 2,690 local nonprofits. We are honored to be included in this list of impact makers in our community! We also had the opportunity to serve on the Giving Day Denton planning committee and had a blast putting together a day of fun for families across Denton. 

Your support made all the difference. With your help we won the "Strong Women, Better World" prize for being the women-focused nonprofit in Denton County with the most donors, and raised a total of $17,835- and that's before bonus funds! The support you have shown for the local families that we support is incredible. YOU ROCK!

Thank you to all our donors!

Amy & Gene Cherrnay
Andrew and Wendy McQuade
Andrew, Elizabeth, and Emma Morris
Antoinette W.
Arlinda Whitaker
Ashley Jones
Becky and Thad McCollum
Bill and Judy Giese
Blake McDaniel
Blenda & James Johnson
Butler Law Firm, PC
Caim Superstars
Carmen Rivera Worley
Carol Crumpton
Caroline Booth
Carrie Wilson
Cheryl Ellis
Claudia and Clint Lynch
Crystal R
Darrell Rials and Dixie Westbrook
David Carmel
Debbie Pahler
Don and Kate Lindsay
Dr. Charlotte D. Nabors
Elizabeth Nelson Keller
Fred Trafton & Grace Kirby 
Geoffrey and Robin Dennis
Gerry Veeder
Greg & Marilyn Rimling
Gretel L'Heureux
Groggy Dog
Jacqueline Shaw
Jarrell and Bertha Sharp
Joe & Mary Kaszynski
Joe Rice
John and Paula House
John Booth
Judy MacMorran
Kathryn Pole
Kathryn Vermillion
Kathy Eubanks
Kayla Swenson
Keely and Chris Briggs
Kimberly Karl & Stan Haddock
Krista Williams
Larry & Ann Tubbs
Laura and Kenneth Finger
Laura Vogel
Les & Pam Nasche
Linda Pope
Linnie M McAdams
Liz Diebold
Lynn McCreary & Shannon Williams
Marilyn Abram
Mark and Bert Zeitlin
Mary Chaplin
Matt and Sara Richardson
Matt Kernan
Meg Barry
Michael Burgess
Monique J Gulyas
Nanci M. Kimmey
Nancy Bertolino
Natalie Klempel
Neal Ashmore Family Law Group
Norm and Dana Pomerance
Pat Cheek
Peggy Aitken
Pete Kamp
Sharon K. Lowry
Sherrie Taylor
Stacey Campbell
State Representative Dr Lynn Stucky and Lori
Steve and Shari Cobb
Susan Gehrlein
Susan Hekman
T. Miller
Teri Watkins
Todd & Chris Price
Tom and Janie Cindric
Tom Shaw
Tracy Grunig
Tricia Hoffmann
Trinity Presbyterian
Vanessa Skelton
Wayne and Melissa Grissom

Thank you for investing in safety, hope, healing, justice, and prevention with Denton County Friends of the Family. Check out this video from the North Texas Giving Day Honorary Chair, Former First Lady Laura Bush giving everyone a big shout out and celebrating you!

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