Posted on January 28, 2019

Meet Paige, the newest member of our Marketing and Development team here at DCFOF!

She is our Community Resource Coordinator for Transitional Housing. As some of you may know, Transitional Housing is our newest program that we have had for about a year now. It is an incredibly important addition to our agency, helping us support the 99% of domestic violence victims that have suffered financial abuse and need time and support to build their lives up again before they take on their own rent. As a part of this program, Paige will support our growing Transitional Housing program needs and initiatives, take the lead on all in-kind donations for our clients, and engage our community through our Women’s Auxiliary!!

Paige is a Dentonite born and raised. She graduated in 2014 with a BS in Integrative Studies from UNT with focuses in Business Management and Public Affairs and Community Service. While attending UNT she also earned her certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution and is a certified Mediator. 
Among her 11 years of experience in customer service, she has cultivated her professional skillset through her time as a higher education counselor and administrator. When Paige is not working, she enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, and getting crafty!

Paige is excited to be a part of DCFOF’s legacy by helping to create a community of awareness and compassion for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Welcome to DCFOF!

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