Posted on February 15, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! It's a day where we all sit surrounded by Cupid and pink hearts, and take time to be grateful for our healthy and supportive relationships. Those significant others can definitely make life sweeter, but here's a thought: Is there any relationship more valuable than your relationship with yourself? 

Loving yourself can be a struggle that stays with you for your whole life, especially for the population we serve that have experienced abuse or assault. Finding the things that you love about your friends and family for some of us is way easier than finding the things you love about yourself. We are all imperfect beings; but after experiencing the kind of tear downs that survivors of abuse have, it can feel like you are made entirely of flaws.  

Let's go ahead and clear this up- you are the perfect and only version of you in the world, and you deserve to love and be loved by others! And not just because of the great things about you, but because of your imperfections too. Because those little scars and insecurities, those embarrassing and painful experiences you have had in your life- those things have made you who you are today. And you are perfect. 

Loving yourself despite your flaws is a lot easier said than done, I know. So here's some suggestions of a super important thing for you to work into your daily schedule- SELF CARE! Actively put time and energy into your relationship with yourself, and you will start to see your best self blossom. 

Tips for Self-Care from DCFOF Staff: 

  1. "I like to bake. Sometimes when I am stressed I will bake something and make it as beautiful and decorative as I possibly can. It's a feeling of accomplishment when I can look at something and say- 'I made that, and it's awesome'". -KS 

  2. "In order for me to be in a good space for myself and for others I have to carve out time in my schedule to be creative. I know that sounds weird to say "carve out time" to do something like this but it is very important for me. It is my one way to unwind and be purposeful in something I enjoy the process and the result." - CW 

  3. "I make egg and chorizo burritos and take my kids to the park to have a breakfast feast. The kids play, I watch them play, I relax a bit and then join in the play session myself...I make an awesome mud pie :)"  - CS 

  4. Remind yourself these things:- KR 

    1. "Who I am is enough. What I do is enough. What I have is enough." 

    2. "I owe myself the same love I give to others so freely." 

  5. "My self care is all about me which is fitting. Anything involving essential oils, bath products or spa activities is my #1 self care go to." -RS 

More Self Care Ideas

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