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Dee Beasley Hayden | Chair Women's Auxiliary '17-'18    

Dee Beasley Hayden is a woman with passion and drive, fueled by faith, family and personal experience. She grew up as a young lady with a mom who used Mary Kay products, little did she know what that exposure to the company would lead her to accomplish in her life. As a young girl, Dee faced terrorizing hardship with firsthand experience in domestic violence and alcoholism. Oftentimes children that experience this type of abuse may shut down and become timid. Dee's story is one of overcoming and moving forward with passion and purpose. She was fueled with a passion to come out on the winning side of what she had experienced. 

Most of her youth was spent surpassing the memories of the violence that her father perpetrated on her family.  There was always a sense that something was off but was not able to put a finger on it.  By 15, she started drinking to keep the pain buried.  During and after college, she was moving around the country and running from the hidden monster only to realize it was inside her the whole time.  Who would have guessed Mary Kay Cosmetics would be the key to unlock the past.  Dee had started using Mary Kay at the young age of 17 to overcome acne and it worked!  She then started her own Mary Kay business at the age of 27.  Even though Mary Kay was a great company, her troubled past kept her from grasping the benefits of the opportunity.  Her depression and suppressed memories were recognized by a sister consultant who referred her to a physician who immediately provided medical help.  Yikes!  A 30 day stay at a facility unlocked the beast that had been hidden and finally, a journey of healing had begun.

She continued her healing journey utilizing every resource available to repair the damage.  Counselors, pastors, and 12 step programs all provided enormous recovery.  Dee decided to leave her Mary Kay business for now and enter the work force.  She spent most of her young adult life climbing the ladder in corporate America.  She married in her early 40’s only to wake up a few years later with what she likes to claim as her “mid-life crisis,” which was not bad like some may think. It was a wake-up call to how she really wanted to spend her life. This beautiful crisis was called pregnancy. 

When she recognized that she did not want to spend the rest of her life answering emails, she was fueled with the desire to pursue raising her baby boy and once again Mary Kay entered the picture. This time, she was well equipped with the support of her husband and her successful business career to pursue a Mary Kay Leadership position. Her business exploded! She was a wife and a mother who dedicated 10 hours a week toward her business on top of the 60+ hours she already worked in the business world. Can you say dedication? She was promoted to a Leadership position in the short span of 3 months after launching her Mary Kay business, representing the top 2%, and saw her passions and desires all come to life! She transitioned out of full time corporate America and built her Mary Kay business. She has earned multiple awards and company cars since then through her intentional work. 

Dee soon realized other passions were boiling to the surface.  A few years after starting her Mary Kay business she was presented with yet another healing opportunity from the past wounds of domestic violence.  Dee was diagnosed with PTSD.  This deep-seated recovery journey has taken her on THE ultimate spiritual healing journey.  Learning that the effects of domestic violence began in vitro and even though her father left the family at the age of 5, the wounds were embedded at the cellular level.  The triggers and responses for years were finally explained and healing at the inner most core had been lifted.  

Dee’s passion to mentor grew stronger and deeper with a renewed resolve. Her journey of healing has given her a voice to share her story of pain to passion.  She has just launched her own nonprofit foundation to bring awareness to domestic violence, the ripple effect of the violence and the available power of healing. One in four women are affected by domestic violence and this statistic does not include the impact on the children who witnessed and often received the violent trauma themselves.  As children of domestic violence, they are left with insecurities beyond our comprehension. 

The foundation has launched two outreach initiatives. First, Bee a Golden Angel, provides beauty gifts to women in domestic violence shelters.  Often, these women escape with nothing but their children and car keys, leaving behind most, if not all, their personal care items. Throughout the year, Bee a Golden Angel provides head-to-toe beauty bags to women in the emergency shelters through individual and business sponsorships.  Last year over 50 beauty bags were sponsored.  In addition, the Adopt-a-Mom outreach provides a gift to a child whose mom is receiving services from the agency and presents the gift to her mom a Mother’s Day.  Last year was the 6th Annual Adopt-a-Mom outreach resulted in 500 Mother’s Day gifts being sponsored and presented to local domestic violence agencies.

Second, Dee launched B10, an outreach initiative that helps people gain confidence and belief in themselves to BEE the Perfect 10 that God created them to be.  Just like the bumble bee, aerodynamically challenged with an oversized body and small wings, engineers once marveled that the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly.  But the mighty little bumblebee didn't know she coundln't fly so she does it anyway!  As she shares her experience and her B10 workshops, others learn how to discover the weight of growing up in domestic violence or other trauma and move to healing.  They learn how to fly which begins their journey to BEE a Perfect 10!  Through B10 Dee also seeks opportunities to speak with groups about the power of violence, its devastating effects and the opportunities for healing.  

Today, Dee invests her time supporting women who have a desire to rediscover their sense of worth and chance after their hearts desires and dreams. She is heavily involved with her family, her Mary Kay business, her nonprofit foundation, her church, area politics, and has partnered with the Denton County Friends of the Family to start the agency’s first ever Women’s Auxiliary.  For fun, she loves to fly fish, snow ski and watch movies with her family.   Anyone who meets Dee agrees that her passion is to “Bee the BEST ~ Shine THE Light!“  

To learn more about Dee and her journey by visiting www.deebeasleyhayden.com.  

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