March Is National Women's History Month 

We are honoring women who fight against all forms of discrimination against women by sharing #HerStory. We will share how each of these women pictured, and so many more, have made an impact for victims of sexual and domestic violence throughout the month of March.

#HerStory | Dr. Fran Danis 

Meet Dr. Fran Danis. It is only fitting that Dr. Danis is the first woman we feature for Women's History Month #HerStory. Dr. Danis is Denton County Friends of the Family’s founding Executive Director.  She received her Masters in Social Work in 1976 from Stony Brook University in New York and immediately migrated to Texas to see just how difficult it would be for a New Yorker to survive in Texas.  While at Friends of the Family she also served 6 years on the board of the Texas Council on Family Violence, including 5 years as the chair.  Most recently Dr. Danis received the NASW Pioneer award. She REALLY ROCKS!  You can read more about the impact Dr. Danis has had for women inher full #HerStory. 

Dr. Danis #HerStory

#HerStory | Michelle Behl, DCFOF Director of Advocacy

Meet Michelle Behl our Director of Advocacy. Michelle shares about where her passion stems from and what motivates her in #HerStory. She shares stories of her grandmother and mother expericing abuse and how this is the core of what directed her to do the work she does now. "As a Director, as an advocate, and as a Latino woman;  I can say with complete confidence I believe the purpose of Friends of the Family is compassionate and comprehensive service to those impacted by sexual abuse, and / or domestic violence promoting safety, hope, healing, justice, and prevention." You can read more Michelle's passion for the work she does in her full #HerStory. 

Michelle Behl #HerStory

#HerStory | Dr. Linda Marshall 

Meet Dr. Linda Marshall a member of our Board and long time advocate. Dr. Marshall shares insight into her story becoming a voice for victims. "I began thinking about women's rights in college, although there was very little being said about that topic way back then.  I was among a small group who started a "Women's Liberation Sisterhood"  (no joke - that's what we called ourselves) on my college campus.  As the years went by, more and more was being written,

debated, discussed, and accomplished around what was then a full-fledged women's movement. My earliest, and most lasting, involvement in the movement focused on the issue of violence against women. " Read her full story below. 

Dr. Linda Marshall #HerStory

#HerStory | Alice Mankoff

Meet Alice Mankoff a member of our Board and long time advocate. Alice gives insight into her journey as one of our rockstar volunteers. "My journey with Denton County Friends of the Family began in 2006 as I searched for a community organization to serve with in a volunteer capacity.  I never imagined how enriching and personally impactful an experience was in store for me." Read her full story below. 

Alice Makoff #HerStory

#HerStory | Cassandra Berry

Meet Cassandra Berry, Our Community Matters Program Coordinator. Cassandra talks about her memory as a child of her Aunt being assaulted and how that memory is part of what defines her mission. "Still today, over 40 years later, what I saw that day brings tears to my eyes.  I believe in my heart, that’s where my mission began.  That’s when my innate compassion to help other women, especially those who were hurting, was revealed to me".  Read her full story below. 

Cassandra Berry #HerStory

#HerStory | Dee Beasley Hayden

Meet Dee Beasley Hayden, Chair of Women's Auxiliary, volunteer and advocate. " As a young girl, Dee faced terrorizing hardship with firsthand experience in domestic violence and alcoholism. Oftentimes children that experience this type of abuse may shut down and become timid. Dee's story is one of overcoming and moving forward with passion and purpose. She was fueled with a passion to come out on the winning side of what she had experienced." Read her full story below. 

Dee Beasley Hayden #HerStory

#HerStory | Deborah Cosimo, PhD

Meet Deborah Cosimo, PhD. "Deborah Cosimo, PhD (Sociology) began her professional journey with a counseling internship in the DCFOF battering intervention program in 1992. That pivotal internship forged her passion for social justice and advocacy for victims..."  Read her full story below. 

Deborah Cosimo #HerStory

#HerStory | Nancy Humphries

Meet Nancy Humphries, a dedicated volunteer and board member of DCFOF.  Nancy shares about her time as an ER nurse and how this played a part in her recognizing the issue of domestic violence. "I learned firsthand of the stigma and struggles of victims and survivors of domestic violence through my years of bedside nursing in the ER. Thirty years ago, in many areas, that there was no one to turn to in those terrible times." Read her full story below. 

Nancy Humphries #HerStory

Stay connected throughout the month of March for Women's History Month to read more about women making a big impact. #HerStory 

If you would like to share your own story or a story about a woman making an impact, let's get connected. 

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