"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead

The staff of Denton County Friends of the Family is doing everything in our power to stop family violence and heal the wounds of sexual assault. But, we cannot do it alone. 

Volunteers play a vital part in the delivery of services and your group can help! We encourage both groups and individuals to look into volunteering for Friends of the Family. Whether you can give an hour a month or several hours a week, we would be honored to have your help. Click to view the Group Application Process. 

If you feel your group can make a contribution in a way that's not listed, let us know. We are always open to new ideas.

For additional information contact our Community Relations Coordinator at volunteer@dcfof.org

Seasonal Drives

Back to School Drive (all year)

While we have a big push for back to school supplies during the summer, supplies are always needed at our agency to assist new families and children entering into our shelter and programs. If you would like more information on our current school supplies needs, contact volunteer@dcfof.org

Holiday Drives

Everyone deserves to have a safe, fun, and warming holiday season! Help us ensure that our clients are able to celebrate by participating in a holiday food or gift drive. Around the holidays, Friends of the Family holds two major drives for our outreach and shelter clients, Thanksgiving Meal-in-a-Basket and Adopt-a-Family!

Thanksgiving Meal-in-a-Basket (Sept-Nov)

During the fall, our counselors and advocates begin collecting information from clients and their families that are not able to afford to purchase a meal for Thanksgiving. Friends of the Family then begins to reach out to supporters, donors, and the general public to help secure food items.

Through this event, generous individuals and groups can sign up to supply a Meal-in-a-Basket to one or more families in our programs. Interested participants are given a list/menu with suggested components for each basket. 

Please check back soon for information regarding the Thanksgiving Drive 2018

Adopt-a-Family (Oct-Dec)

In December, counselors and advocates begin collecting information from clients and their families that are not able to afford gifts and food for the holiday season. Similar to other holiday drives/trees, donors can volunteer to purchase items listed on the families wishlist.

While the focus of this drive if on gifts and toys, some families will also need help purchasing food items. If you are interested in supplying both food and wishlist items for one or more families, please let us know at volunteer@dcfof.org

Please check back soon for information regarding Adopt-a-Family 2018.

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