Posted on July 24, 2018

Full Circle of Service

Amber Birmingham

Owner of Just Between Friends Denton County &  DCFOF Women's Auxiliary Member

What we see so often at Friends of the Family, is the community's willingness to lend a hand to the people around us that need it most. We have the opportunity to connect with the most generous people, who choose to spend their time, talent, and treasure helping victims of domestic violence and sexual assault get back on their feet. Some of the most inspiring people we have met have been the people who are paying it forward from a time that the community helped them; someone helped with their bills, or an agency gave them free counseling, or they were able to provide for their family because of organizations like JBF. The list goes on. But now that they are in a position to give back they choose to do so, and to pay that generosity forward. This cycle is what our guest blog author, Amber Birmingham, has called the "Full Circle of Service." 

Amber's Story: 

"While I was pregnant with my first child I read tons of parenting books on how to find the best deals for your baby.  One I came across mentioned Just Between Friends (JBF), a children’s consignment event located all over the United States where you can save 50-90% off retail on kid, baby & maternity items.  In most cases they are owned by local moms who want to offer a clean, safe environment for other local families to make money by selling their children’s items and who save big when shopping for their kids saving  50-90% off retail.  

I was hooked, I love a good bargain!  What I didn’t realize before I became a Consingor myself, selling my gently used kids clothes, shoes, books & toys, was the full circle of service JBF provides for the community.  At the end of every sale Consignors can choose to donate their items to a local charity.   

In 2016, my family moved to Denton County and the local JBF franchise was on the market.  I did not hesitate to buy because I believe in all that it offers for our community.  I am proud to say that our charity partner, Denton County Friends of the Family, is one of the reasons why I purchased this franchise.  Last year, through Just Between Friends Denton County, families donated over 5,000 items to DCFOF with a value of over $25,000.   

The circle does not stop there, the items donated are sold at the DCFOF Thrift Store, raising money for the programs that DCFOF offers to our community, helping women and children who are victims of domestic violence get in a safe independent environment. Often those families come back to Just Between Friends as shoppers and even consignors and the circle starts again." 

Thank you Amber for your dedication to our community! 

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