Posted on May 17, 2017

1 in 4 women in our community will be victims of domestic violence in their lives, and their freedom will be taken away. They will be held like prisoners in their own homes, while their abuser exerts control over their work schedule, their bank account, cuts them off from friends and family, while inflicting physical and emotional pain. Reaching these victims can be hard because their abuser has kept them so isolated. #FaithForFreedom is a campaign that we started last year in partnership with faith congregations all across Denton County with three goals: 

  1. To raise awareness of domestic violence in congregations across the county, and make our services known to any potential victims  

  2. To raise funds for the clients that we serve through special offerings in those congregations 

  3. To build a relationship of trust between the faith communities and our agency in order to know how to connect clients with a congregation of their faith and access to community resources  

Faith for Freedom Impact: 

Our “Faithful Friends” will be hosting special offerings to support the courageous women that have reached out for help. Using materials provided by DCFOF, our partner congregations will spread the word about the prevalence of domestic violence and give lifesaving information to any potential victims in the congregation. The funds raised through special offerings in those congregations will support the services provided to victims for free at DCFOF (such as emergency shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, play therapy, a food pantry, and a career resource center). Your partnership in #FaithForFreedom provides the gift of safety, hope, healing, justice and prevention in the fight for freedom that our clients endure every day. 

How it works: 

  1. Attend the Faith for Freedom Kick-Off Social! RSVP HERE and JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT. At the social we will discuss the campaign in detail and give you all the materials you need to be a part of the campaign. Bring your questions!  

  1. Sign your congregation up for the #FaithForFreedom campaign through the DCFOF website

  2. Spread the word about domestic violence during selected worship services (using materials provided by DCFOF) 

  3. Host special offerings to benefit victims served by Friends of the Family  

  4. Follow the campaign by liking our Facebook page

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