Posted on June 1, 2017

The District Attorney's Office and law enforcement departments are tasked with the challenge of finding perpetrators of violent crime and holding them accountable.  During the course of these investigations it is no surprise when these violent offenders are in possession of cash earned through illegal acts. The District Attorney’s Office has an Asset Forfeiture Division that assists law enforcement with the seizure of criminals’ money, and that seized money must then be used for law enforcement purposes. In a heroic display of compassion, the Denton County District Attorney's Office has donated $50,000 of these funds to Denton County Friends of the Family to support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. What better display of justice is there than to give money that has been involved in violent crime back to the victims of violent crime.

“I am glad that we had the opportunity to use these funds that we seize from criminals and use them for the benefit of victims of crime", says District Attorney Paul Johnson. "We know that by donating to Friends of the Family, the funds will directly impact the work they do on behalf of victims of domestic violence.”

"As survivors of sexual and domestic violence, the women and children we serve are either direct victims of a crime, or have witnessed a crime", says Toni Johnson-Simpson, Friends of the Family Executive Director. "These funds are going to make a huge impact for the clients we serve! The District Attorney's office has made an investment in the members of our community who need it most, and all throughout our agency there is a great feeling of hope thinking of how many more people we are going to be able to serve with these dollars. Thank you for enabling us to change the lives of victims of violence in our community, and for the sense of justice you have brought to our clients today."

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