Posted on August 17, 2017

(Denton Bridge Studio members with Lin Jones holding the check)

Denton, TX- Denton Bridge Studio Club is a local organization whose "goal is to enjoy and promote the game of duplicate bridge. Bridge combines socializing with competition, luck with skill, and individual flair with partnership cooperation." In addition to having a fantastic time playing what they will tell you is "beyond doubt the best game in the world" the Denton Bridge Studio gives back to the community through charity games. This year Denton County Friends of the Family is honored to be the recipient of those funds!

Lin Jones, Facility Manager of the Bridge Club and all around great person, was the one who really went above and beyond to secure the winning prize of $500 for Denton County Friends of the Family. Lin is a retired police officer, and spent her career witnessing and fighting against violent criminals. After seeing the crimes of domestic violence and sexual assault repeat themselves over and over again, she understands the critical importance of the work DCFOF does for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

"We wanted to choose the charity that did the most good and benefitted the local community", says Lin. "[Denton County has been growing exponentially in the last decade], and we know that the more people that need help the more resources you need, and cops need all the help they can get to make our community safer".

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