Community Education

Community education is available for individuals and groups interested in learning more about Denton County Friends of the Family, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault. The Community Education Program provides outreach and education and individuals learn how each of us plays a role in the process of ending sexual and domestic violence. If you would like to schedule a presentation or receive more information about our programs, please contact our Director of Community Education, Hillarye Hightower, at

Community Fairs
Denton County Friends of the Family employees and trained volunteers are available to staff booths at a variety of events such as school or job fairs where the community is invited to learn about resources and available in our community.

Trainings and Presentations
Professional trainings for first responders, health care workers, education for professionals on how to recognize, report, and respond to suspected sexual or domestic violence.

Denton County Friends of the Family staff and trained volunteers work to increase community understanding of sexual and domestic violence by providing presentations to civic and professional groups, schools, private organizations, parents and loved ones of survivors, and other interested groups.

Psycho-Educational Groups
School-based support groups and counseling engage youth (K-12) who have experienced violence or abuse in their dating or family relationships. Boys and girls meet in separate groups, learn skills for healthy relationships and decrease their risk of using and tolerating abusive behavior in their relationships.

Public Awareness Campaigns & Events
Denton County Friends of the Family public awareness campaigns and events educate the community on sexual and domestic violence issues, A complete listing of upcoming public awareness events and community fundraisers can be found on our calendar.

School-Wide Prevention Strategies
School-wide strategies impact the overall school environment and engage all students and adults in prevention education. Activities include developing school policy, training teachers, nurses, and parent groups, and educating students on healthy relationships in their classrooms.

Pre-K to Kindergarten

30 minutes
Bumbles the Magic Bumblebee teaches children about the following topics:
- Their bodies are special and belong to them
- Safe and unsafe touches
- Identifying safe adults
- Good and bad secrets
Bumbles also uses an interactive song to review all the different topics discussed.

We Help Ourselves (WHO)
1st to 2nd Grades

45 minutes
A program of primary prevention which deals with the many areas in which children of all ages are being hurt. Students will learn behaviors and strategies for staying safe at home and in the community. WHO teaches children to know, say, and do certain things so they can avoid and reduce dangerous, hurtful, and frightening situations such as bullying, child abuse, and sexual abuse.

Be The Change

3rd and 4th Grades

45 minutes

Our newest curriculum focuses on healthy boundaries, decision making, feelings and communication, and being effective bystanders through discussion and role-play. 

Strong Social Skills = Safer Society
(5S Program)
5th & 6th Grades

45 minutes (1 to 3 parts)
This program focuses on:
Planning and decision making
- Choices and consequences
Resistance skills
- Peer pressure
- Self esteem
- Goal setting
Peaceful conflict resolution
- Communication
- Boundaries
- Respect

Real Kids Getting Real/Expect Respect
7th to 12th

45 to 90 minutes per section (3 part series)
The series educates students to recognize how society impacts sexual violence and relationship violence, while at the same time providing curriculum-based, age-appropriate activities and information that encourage students to form healthy relationships, respecting themselves and others.

40th Anniversary Virtual Gala

Join us for the Virtual Event of the Year!  Grab your fine china or your finest paper plates because Denton County Friends of the Family is hosting a ...

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