2017 Board Chair Celisa Willson

Classifying Celisa as a “Texas girl” is a bit of an understatement.  In her family, she represents the 6th generation to be born and raised right here in Denton County.  As a REALTOR®, being involved in her community is very important, and DCFOF gives her the ability to help with what she considers a necessity: empowering women.  Celisa has been happily married to her husband, Rob, since 1995 and enjoys traveling, networking, re-doing furniture and rooting for her Dallas Cowboys!

2017 First Vice Chair Tony Mowles

Tony is the owner of Lakeside Flooring, LLC.  He is married to his lovely wife, Laura; Tony has two beautiful children - Gabrielle and David.  Tony currently resides in Highland Village, TX.

2017 Board Development Officer Gene Cherrnay

Inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Gene has spent his career in architecture and remodeling. He is proud to serve on the DCFOF board for seven years, as he has seen first-hand how domestic violence wreaks havoc in the lives of the children and adults who have been impacted by it. He is an avid camper and spends his "off" time doing so on the Brazos River and adoring his two grand children (Asher and Ellie Joan), as well as  his loveable beagle, Leah Matilda.

2017 Board Member Pat Cheek

Professionally, Pat taught middle school off and on for 40 years. In retirement, she has tutored at two middle schools where she saw a need, served on the board of the Denton Christian PreSchool, Salvation Army, and several city boards.

She and her late husband, Bill Cheek, and others, helped start Denton County Friends of the Family's women’s shelter here in Denton. They saw a need and responded.

In the 1960s, she was part of a group of women who realized that integration was going to be hard on kids of color, so they arranged to meet the women in the families, became friends, and worked to make sure the students of color knew and were friends with white kids before they entered Denton Public Schools. Many of Pat's women's group also tutored students before they entered Denton High School. In the course of this endeavor, Pat made many friends who remain friends today.

She has four grown children who live and work in Denton. Her children serve the community as volunteers also. Her oldest granddaughter serves on a committee of DCFOF as well.

2017 Board Member Deborah Cosimo, PhD

With a MA in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Sociology, Deborah has worked the last 25 years on behalf of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in various capacities: counselor, program director, trainer, author, and volunteer. She is guided by the conviction that everyone has the right to live in a world without violence and to be treated with dignity and respect. She serves on the board of DCFOF because she is committed to the agency’s mission. In her spare time, she loves traveling and playing traditional American and Irish music, with a few pieces from the Renaissance thrown into the mix.

2017 Board Member Nancy Humphries

Nancy is serving her second term as a DCFOF Board Member. Prior to that, she has served as a volunteer for five years, mainly focusing on event planning for major fundraising. Having chaired the Fundraising Committee for a year, she continues to serve on the Fundraising Committee and the Safe Campus Planning Committee. She is a retired RN and previous partner/owner of Home Care Agency in Oklahoma City for seven years, prior to moving to Denton, to be near her two children and three grandsons. Her passion for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault began during her many years as an ER nurse and seeing the needs of her bedside care of victims was only the beginning of healing.

2017 Board Member Charles Marinello

Charles became a Friends of the Family board member in 2016 and brings executive general management and strategic focus to the board. He is currently the CEO of Strategic Growth Partners, LLC, and is a retired VP from Texas Instruments and Raytheon. He has a BS, MS, and MBA.

2017 Board Member Linda Marshal, Ph.D.

Coming from a social work background, Linda earned a MSW and then a Ph.D. in Sociology. She has been a college professor for over 30 years, teaching courses in sociology, social work, and women's studies, currently at Texas Woman's University. Her husband, David, is also a professor at TWU, with a specialty in statistics and research design. They enjoy traveling, spending time with their children, and doting on their beloved little cat, Franny.

Her passion has long been the pursuit of social justice for all people, especially those marginalized and oppressed by dominant systems. For her, eliminating violence against women is the crucial element in this cause -- because being free of violence is the foundation of any other rights and freedoms that people can pursue.

2017 Board Member, Past Board Chair Russ Ray

Professionally, Russ Ray of Highland Village, serves the community as a Financial Advisor and Vice President at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. He helps people to lay financial plans for their future goals, monitor their investments along the way, and manage any risk control strategies that are in place to defend their plans against interruption by disease, disability, and premature death.

Whether friends, family, clients or neighbors, he has seen that domestic violence occurs repeatedly and is almost completely obscured from public view and observation. Victims are often trapped within their situation by parenting responsibilities, feelings of guilt, and concrete financial limitations. They do not see a means of escape. DCFOF provides a path by which victims may reclaim their lives.


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